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Image of The BOFA Sampler FABRIC KIT
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I hope you enjoy this sampler...this sampler of DEEZ NUTS. The only thing better than a classic cross stitch on the wall, is one with a hidden joke in it, which is exactly why I designed this for my house. The idea popped into my head after the 1705th time I heard my husband say DEEZ NUTS and I couldn't shake it, so here it is for the rest of you who appreciate this kind of thing!

There is also a version WITHOUT the hidden joke, which you will get with your purchase as well! If you buy the BOFA DEEZ NUTS sampler, you get BOFA DEEZ PATTERNS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. Rad, right?

With the purchase of this kit, you will receive:

BOTH versions of the pattern, with thread guide
14-count aida in "Wren"

PLEASE NOTE, the fabric cut you will receive will be big enough to stitch ONE of the patterns, not both!